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*"What we achieve inwardly can change outer reality."

*"Stop dreaming, start memeing."

Making questionable hair decisions since 1997.

Making questionable hair decisions since 1997.

👋 Who Dis?

Daniel James Brockwell.

🧂Axiom shaker.

🤯 Paradigm breaker.

🤡 Meme maker.

Vibe machine, weighted rule utilitarian, optimist, vegan, singer, beatboxer, runner, board gamer, meditator, boulderer, solarpunk, shitposter, extrovert, longtermist, biased human bean.

🌏 Where ya from?

👶 Born: Sydney, Australia, Earth (Gadigal Land, Eora Nation). But first and foremost, Earth.

🏡 Currently Living In: North Bondi 🌊

✈️ Where To Next? Eyeing up a cheeky move to Wollongong in Q1 2022: see my early thesis on non-urban co-living here.

💼 Whatcha workin' on?

🤯 What's the meaning of life? (WIP)

<aside> ⚠️ Disclaimer: I am prone to flawed heuristics + cognitive biases and lack a lot of knowledge about a lot of things, so a lot of my hypotheses for this section and beyond will evolve as I learn more about the world & myself, and seek to become less wrong.


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