Two of my 10 core principles for living are:

<aside> 🧠 1. Learn Something New Every Day
Always keep building and upgrading your model of the world. Pursue a high learning velocity, and aggressively seek to disprove your theses by finding thoughtful disagreers.


<aside> πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘ 5. Surround Yourself With People You Want To Be More Like You become the average of your five closest friends. Find friends who break your paradigms and challenge your fundamental axioms of comprehension.


At the intersection of these, I would contend that co-living is the most intense format of co-learning: a 24/7 MBA.

Conversation + shared physical experiences allow you to learn faster than books, articles, podcasts or videos (at least, this has been my personal learning preference).

Specifically, the emotional and intellectual osmosis from being around other young people with big dreams who are constantly creating, testing and experimenting could be a remarkable way to fast-track one’s personal growth as a founder.

So Who To Live With?

As a startup founder who dabbles in meditation, writing and music creation, I am prioritising co-living with founders & creators at the intersection of rationality and spirituality.

In particular, those with an appreciation of both the logical and emotional, challenging the overly analytical "tech bro" archetype. Young people creating cool and impactful shit (ages 18-30).


  1. High aptitude and skill
  2. A track record of creating awesome & useful stuff
  3. A strong, intentional approach to values and ethics

Bias for quality of people over quantity, and intentionally build for a diverse group on the factors of gender, cultural background, intellectual leanings, and problem spaces, in order to accelerate learning.

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